Project investment procedures

1 To decide the workshop/land for building factory and sign MOU. 15 – 30 days
2 To prepare the necessary documents for setting up a company/office/branch No longer than 10 days
3 To complete and submit documents to the local Authorities 3 days
4 To receive the investment license, business registration

certificate, stamps and tax declaration

20  days
5 To open bank accounts, capital remittance, staff recruitment 3 – 5 days
6 Official signing of workshop/land sublease contract and land handover 3 – 5 days
7 To apply for land use right certificate(independent step, land owner’s job) 40 days
8 To apply for environmental  impact assessment(EIA) report Over 20 days
9 To apply for construction license ( In case of building factory) Over 20 days
10 Factory construction work Around  90  days
11 To apply for the certificate of fire prevention and fighting safe assurance Around  30  days
12 To complete the office/factory interior decoration 30 – 45 days
13 To deliver and install the machinery and production line 15 – 20 days
14 To execute test operation 20 – 30 days

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